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It is an age-old process and largely adopted in rural areas/villages and also at urban household levels because of simplicity in equipment and technique. This traditional method of making ghee contributes about 80% of the total ghee produced in Pakistan. This method usually involves two routes, (1) lactic acid fermentation of raw or heated milk is followed by churning of curd into makkhan (butter) and (2) separation of malai (clotted cream) from the boiled milk and its churning into butter.Dahi or buttermilk of previous day is used as starter culture for fermentation of milk. Churning of curd or malai is done with hand wooden churn. Now-a-days electrically operated butter churns are available and used by many housewives or makkhan producers. Makkhan is stored at room temperature for days together and when sufficient quantity accumulated, it is converted into ghee. For this purpose,makkhan is heated in a earthen pot (now-a-days metal, particularly steel or aluminum containers are also used) on slow fire. The scum gathered on the top of melted butter is continuously removed with perforated ladle. The heating is discontinued on complete removal of scum and froth and getting clear fat (ghee).

Capacity: 50 Kg minimum and 2000 kg maximum

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