Milk Storage tank


We are manufacturing Milk storage in horizontal or vertical types, depending on availability of floor space. For extremely large quantity of storage, the inner shell of storage tank is of Stainless Steel (316) or (304) L food grade and covered with suitable insulation, and then an outer shell which may be Stainless Steel or Mild steel. Outer shell of mild steel is used to reduce cost. The inner shell of storage tank should be smooth in surface finish, and should not have any sharp corners, to aid in proper cleaning. The edges must have a knuckle radius of at least 25 mm. Any welds present should be properly ground, so as to have smooth finish. The shell will have drain from lowest point, preferably from the center of the bottom. If this is not possible, the bottom of the vessel should be sloped towards the outlet valve side of the bottom to ensure complete drainage.

The shell will have other openings like for Agitator, non-foaming type milk inlet, inlet for cleaning solutions through a spray device, air outlet etc. It will also have fittings for sight glass and light glass, for inspection of inside level measurement, to ensure proper cleaning etc. The glass has to be of non-splinter type. The opposite end of sight glass will have the level marked by food grade paint, or buffing of the surface to indicate level markings and values marked adjacent to it. Our storage tank is fabricated usually 15% over capacity than the nominal capacity of the tank. The technology of using load cells for remote sensing of measurement of level is also being introduced in most of the modern dairies, linked to automated operation. Our range of storage tank are used in various industries Such as dairies, pharmaceutical, chemical, Food processing industries small and medium scales industries and others.

Available Capacity : 5000,10000,20000,25000

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